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We help you get command over the aspects that

  • Optimize your online presence and
  • Educate your buyers about your brand

In simple terms, we help you market your store better, to improve yield and enhance the bottom line.

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Pay per click (paid search) management

Pull organic traffic to your store; get noticed by genuine buyers with our PPC services specifically curated for e-commerce businesses.

How do we work?

Our process includes gauging, planning and implementation and improvement through:

Market, competition and keyword analysis: To put your marketing right on-point, we first conduct thorough target market analysis, identify and monitor your competitors and then perform detailed, multidimensional keyword research to address the right consumer category.

Ad copies: We make sure your ad copies are crisp, to-the-point and appealing. Brand and market analysis enables us to comprehend the right ways to sharpen your ad copies.

Campaign planning: To expose the true potential of the marketing effort, we keep optimizing ad copies with different keywords. Moreover, we monitor and a/b test campaigns to understand consumer behavioral patterns.

Budget and persona optimization: Our experts know the business, so sit back and relax when we finalize bids on keywords for your campaigns. Further, we target the right demography and persona to solidify your campaign success.

Campaign tracking: Regular monitoring helps us understand how campaigns progress over time until they start making conversions and what pace it maintains.

Reports and insights: Our pioneering analytics and real-time reports offer in-depth insights into conversion rates, ROI, profit and revenue generated so that you can refer to the historical data to read through the preferences of your audience.

How do we add value to your business with PPC?

Commitment: We don’t believe in overpromising to win your trust. We guarantee what is promised will be fulfilled. To achieve what’s written in the goal sheet is our responsibility. When we establish a relationship with you, it works on trust.

Quality: Our prolonged experience in the industry brings out quality work for you. We strive to aid your business with the best out there, which inspires us to perform qualitatively.

Transparency: At every stage in the PPC campaign, from ideation to activation, we maintain transparency through strategies, decisions, and results and reports.

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Google AdWords Management

Get your brand to the place where your prospects are searching for you. Google AdWords are extremely crucial for your store to reach buyers.

Enter the Google AdWard arena with Bonzer and leverage the PPC space with the right expertise and plan.

Our Google AdWords services come with:

Strategy and action plan: We understand your brand identity to pan out PPC strategy for Google and subsequently draw a detailed plan of action to follow.

Prototyping and execution: We make sample ads to gauge the effect of visuals and text and refine them before final implementation. Once finalized, we create campaigns that bring conversions.

Measurement and optimization: We keep monitoring the ads, replacing copies, working around keywords, running a/b tests to enhance campaign performance.

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Google Shopping Management

Display your products in the front and centre to all the customers, prospects that search for products online. Get visible, understand your audience’s buying decisions with Google shopping ads.

Make the effort count with Bonzer Google Shopping services:

Rich and optimized content: We ensure your products feature the right textual explanations and visual portrayal to stand out from the rest.

Product feed automation: By automating product feed syncs, we help you showcase the authentic data by reflecting every single change (stock, price, ad-on, etc.) on your product details.

Intent to sell: We optimize your ads with the notion to not only attract and engage online traffic but also to convert them on your platform.

What’s included?
  • Planning (Brand and market study, identifying demography & geography, channel selection, budgets)
  • Execution (feed and content optimization, campaign structure, keyword management, biding)
  • Tracking & improvisations (analysis, monitoring, a/b tests, reporting)
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Facebook Ads and paid social management

Introduce your brand on the biggest social media platform and open doors to the greatest chunk of the audience with Facebook Ads. We help you through and through - right from optimizing your business page to setting up your ads manager account, we take care of all.

With Facebook, we offer paid social services for other social media platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Twiiter and Quora.

How do we work?

Research and planning: We understand your business niche first, analyze your competition, assess existing landing pages, evaluate the target audience and learn about your business goals.

Campaign ideation: With all the crucial information in hand, we ideate social media paid ad campaigns for all the channels you wish to target. We set up ad managers, do all the recommended steps in order to set up campaigns.

Audience targeting: By leveraging advanced audience targeting tactics, we define your demography with the goal to closely match your target market. We create and save custom audiences for a variety of ad goals.

Ad generation: Based on the campaign target, we finalize the type of ads to run. If e-commerce, carousel ads work best. For a single product funnel, video or image ads are ideal representations.

Ad placement: Whether automatic or manual, we prefer the best way of ad placements for your brand. Also, we decide on the mediums of ads display (mobile, desktop or both).

Tracking and optimization: Based on the results garnered by the campaigns, we extend their lifetime, improvise or stop them and present you with detailed reports on lead ratio, conversion cost and much more.

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Google Analytics services

Your audience, their expectations, their choices and their interaction with your website - everything’s stored in the data. Understand this data with Bonzer and find answers to your questions.

Learn more about your target audience and make informed decisions.

So, how do we leverage google analytics for your brand?

  • Signing and setting up a Google Analytics account
  • Optimizing setting for your business domain (viz– e-commerce)
  • Exclusive e-commerce tracking
  • Adword account linking
  • Website search tracking code
  • Visitor behaviour and trend analysis
  • Customized reports
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How do we help you read between the data?

Data tagging: To utlize Google analytics up to its potential, we give data the tags to accurately filter it in your e-commerce system; enabling you to track its source and segment it further for business purposes.

Data tracking: Our Google analytics team systematically tracks and understands data trends for transparent knowledge transfer on website performance.

Reporting: To give you an edge over your competitors and help you grow in the digital marketplace, we record data analysis, find suitable solutions and summarise them for you.

Data scrutiny: we analyse and compare your data with competitors to outline what areas you need to target in order to improve customer experience and conversion rates both online and offline.

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Social Media Banner ads designs

Make your social media ads stand out, every single time with intuitive banner design services by Bonzer Tech.

What do we do?

Static images: We provide innovative and ingenious banner ad creatives for Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Twiter and more.

Gifs: We engage your audience with creative Gifs for all leading social media platforms.

How do we do it?

Requirement gathering: We understand your goals and specific requirements and share them with our designers.

Planning: based on the needs, we draw an action plan with timelines, needed supplies, recommendations, and wireframes.

Prototyping: Once approved, we start making prototypes to ensure accuracy and get your final nod on the designs.

Execution: Upon approval, we start executing the job to meet the timeline constraints.

Updates & delivery: as the last step, we share the deliverables with you, work on change requests and complete the final submission in a timely fashion.

  • Strive to deliver something unique
  • Understand the current trends and user choices
  • Stick to timelines with fewer iterations
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